Wrentham, Massachusetts


Market Insights

  • Wrentham’s single family market took a steep hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the number of closings this quarter took a 39.2% hit compared to the same period last year (51 closings last year versus 31 this year). Last year, there were three sales over $900,000 in Wrentham in Q2, but this year, the highest priced sale was $825,000. Nevertheless, price per square foot increased compared to Q2 2019 by 2.9% indicating that a healthy recovering could be on the horizon.
  • The condo market in Wrentham did not experience a decline in the number of closings in Q2 2019 versus Q2 2020 (four in 2019 and four this year). However, new developments such as Weber Farm will cause a large spike in 2021 in both number of closings and average sales price.
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