Nantucket, Massachusetts


Market Insights

  • Nantucket Island’s Q2 was softer than Q2 of 2019. Nantucket Realty Advisors identifies the cause of this softness due to the stay at home order and the inability to travel safely to Nantucket. As the stay at home order relaxed in June, the tail end of Q2 2020 began to trend in a record setting direction. As this report was written through July 29, 2020, there are 119 homes under agreement totaling $138,052,100.
  • Nantucket Realty Advisors predicts an all-time record breaking Q3 that will be represented by largest sales volume total, highest average price total and most sales trades. This has occurred due to a stable stock market, low interest rates and the desire to stay in less densely populated vacation destinations. Nantucket Realty Advisors is speculating that the island will be the beneficiary of people being able to work more freely via remote work in the future, allowing for extended stays on the island.
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