Arlington, Massachusetts


Market Insights

  • Just as we saw in neighboring Winchester, the number of closings in Arlington decreased significantly from Q2 2019 (75) to Q2 2020 (52), a 30.7% decrease. Unlike Winchester however, single family home sale prices have gone up slightly instead of a small dip.
  • This is due to more sales at the top end of the market; this year, the highest priced sale in Q2 2020 was $1,855,000 (72 Jason Street), while in 2019, it was $1,710,000 (25 Hutchinson Road), showing that the market in Arlington is strong despite the global pandemic.
  • On the supply side, June 1st 2020 saw 20 homes on the market in Arlington versus 32 homes on the market, a dramatic 37.5% decrease in available inventory.
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